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What are your rates?

 Please email to inquire about rates. I want to find the best fit for you as my student!

Are you accepting new students?

YES! I am currently seeking students with daytime availability for lessons and also students interested in classical music.

Do you take beginning students?

Of course. For voice lessons I take all types: beginning, intermediate, and experienced. For piano lessons I take beginners and may refer out after the student reaches a higher intermediate level.

What should I expect at my first lesson?

At your first lesson my goal is to learn about YOU! I start with simply having a conversation to learn your goals, your insecurities surrounding your voice/musical ability, and then we will do a mini lesson! Don’t worry if you’re nervous, most people are and it is perfectly normal! I don’t excpect perfection on the first try, just effort!

What do you do in voice lessons?

My goal is to find healthy, ringing, free tones with ease from each of my students. All of my lessons are structured exactly the same way regardless of genre, the following five things are incorporated into each lesson: stretching, breathing, speech to singing, warm-ups, and finally repertoire work in which we apply the technical work we have been doing in the rest of lessons.

What type of music do you teach?

I teach all genres except for rap, although I primarily teach musical theater, pop, and classical.

Do I have to come every week?

For younger and beginning students I find that weekly lessons are essential to monitor progress. However, for adults and advanced students I do offer bi-weekly lessons and ‘drop-ins’ Drop-ins are scheduled at least a week in advance and are the same rate as regular lessons.

What ages do you take?

I take ages 10+ with younger after some trial lessons. I will not take younger than 7 for vocal lessons. I am training to offer early childhood music group lessons, so I may eventually offer a preparatory group course. You are never too old to start lessons!

Do you teach piano?

Yes I do. I will never claim to be a classical pianist, however, I am a functional one and have been playing for over 15 years. I teach beginning and intermediate students.

When do I graduate?

I take pride in making my teaching style ‘student led.’ This means every few months we will evaluate what goals we have accomplished, set new goals, review repertoire, and make sure my teaching is working for you. Parents are welcome to sit in on this (and all lessons). There is really no good answer to this question as progress is individual. Many of my students have been with me for years, very few leave after only a few months. We will work together to formulate a goal oriented plan to accomplish the ever evolving music world!