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I have been teaching at Spark School of Music since January 2017 and previously taught at All Things Musik from March 2016-March 2018. I strive to find healthy vocal production and help students reach their individual goals. In my undergraduate I fell in love with private teaching and have continued to foster that love over the last 10 years with many students. I have had success with students of all genres and almost all ages (8 - 78). Many of my students book the leads in their school shows or community theater organizations and frequently perform with groups around town. I welcome students of all performance levels, from beginning to elite into my voice studio. I enjoy teaching many different genres, prepping students for auditions, and finding healthy and true ringing tones in each student.


I live by the phrase “Don’t sing trained, sing free." Each semester, we will re-evaluate our goals and repertoire to ensure we are always on the path to the student's definition of success. Students enjoy a freedom to pick a variety of repertoire, while also learning the nuts and bolts of reading and performing music. Each lesson will encompass the following: stretching, breathing, speech singing, vocal warm-ups, and repertoire practice.

I have been playing piano for close to 20 years and play functionally for my voice students. This experience allows me to teach piano to beginning and early intermediate students. I have been teaching piano for 2 years both privately and at Spark School of Music. For piano lessons I use the Faber Piano Adventures series, it is a wonderful series that encompasses everything a student needs to become a ‘complete musician.’ We work at the students pace and once we graduate to a certain level we will learn simple songs and eventually chord structures!

How do I sign up?

I welcome students of all ability levels, ages 10 and up for voice lessons (younger students will be evaluated at a trial lesson) and age 5 and up for piano lessons.