Ricky Ian Gordon’s song cycle ‘Genius Child’ is near and dear to my heart because it has texts by Langston Hughes. For those that don’t know I am bi-racial and I love singing music that reflects both of my parents. This song I recorded on tour with Drip Project. Collaborative Pianist: Clara Byom

‘The New Colossus,’ a submission to the 2019 New Arias competition for Opera on Tap-Twin Cities. Lauren Bernofsky provided a wonderful piece that I was instantaneously drawn to and I am so happy that I was able to sing it.

Sometimes I wonder’ is a piece that was composed specifically for Drip Project to address rape and sexual harassment. With words written by Moira Finley and music by Amy Engelsdorfer this piece is cathartic for both performer and audience. Collaborative Pianist: Clara Byom Horn: Kayla Niehaus

Maxwell R. Lafontant composed this piece for Drip Project. It incorporates all three instruments seamlessly and carries with it a staunch message. Collaborative Pianist: Clara Byom Horn: Kayla Niehaus